The Enterprise Journey to the cloud

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Perfectly explained in the image from, the journey is quite different from legacy applications than applications that are born directly in the cloud. Talking about this voyage to the cloud might sound scary and totally overwhelming, and it does because it is a complex process, on where a lot of moving pieces (and people) need to be on the same page on several topics, and the business itself should be convinced of the benefits that the cloud model brings to the table.

Once everyone is on board its just a matter of following some guidelines in order to achieve a successful migration to the cloud, and if that were true I would be jobless by now. Taking the joke aside, in order to achieve the goal of a successful migration to the cloud there are a some common approaches to this, and it will fully depend on the application and the business logic as well. Shift and Lift, Refactoring, Re-engineering and Replace are the most used methods when moving to the cloud.